APEX Race Manager

An insanely addictive, unique simulation, strategy game where you visit all 21 rounds of the 2019 APEX Race Manager season

Battle The Clock

Optimise your race strategy to ensure you come out on top of the leaderboard

Great UI

All the tools are at your fingertips - decide when to pit, what tyres to use and how aggressive your driver will be

All The Tracks

Visit all 21 rounds of the world championship

Challenge Friends

Integrated with Game Center & Google Play Game Services - both leaderboards and achievements

The reviews are in

F1 Connection

"The Verdict: 9/10. If you are a Formula One fan, download this game. It’s the closest thing mobile gamers will get to EA’s fantastic F1 Manager from last decade… put simply, it’s a stroke of genius, and one which will keep you entertained for hours on end"


“Fancy yourself as a F1 manager? Formula Legend might warrant a closer look on iOS where such fantasies can be experienced… Formula Legend is a fun diversion to kill some time waiting for the train, or your prescription to be filled at the pharmacy, or waiting for the police to turn up to a dispute over a backyard fence.”

Jack Leslie on F1

"Definitely a must for F1 fans, particularly during the off season”


“The easy-to-play and extremely addictive F1 simulation game is here”

Autosport Magazine UK

“Desirable new release… focus on the strategic elements of of grand prix racing as you try to work your way from the back to the front of the grid in career mode.”

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